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Oxford Hungarian Society - Michaelmas term 2000

Week -1: Monday 25 September, MacGregor room, Oriel College, 7.30 p.m.

Sandor Kanyadi

The Transylvanian poet is going to read from his poems and answer questions. The evening will be in Hungarian and English to introduce a recent collection of Kanyadi's work in English, translated by Peter Zollman and published by Corvina.

Week 1: Sunday 8 October, Stables Art Gallery, Green College, 4 p.m.

Kati Vamos: Exhibition

Preview of an exhibition by the Hungarian potter from Exeter. Tea will be served, as this will also be our Introductory Party, with a special welcome for new arrivals.

Week 2: Tuesday 17 October, MacGregor room, Oriel College, 8 p.m.

John Dunleavy: Queen Elizabeth of Hungary: Uncrowned Queen of Ireland

John, one of our regular members, is an Irishman who has taught English in Hungary. He will uncover the secret life of Erzsebet kiralyne on the Emerald Isle.

Week 4: Tuesday 1 November, MacGregor room, Oriel College, 8 p.m.

Bernard Adams: Dear Aunt...

So begin many of the Letters from Turkey, Kelemen Mikesís celebrated 18th-century memoir of life as an exile after the Rakoczi revolt. Bernard, an expert in Hungarian literature, talks about this work, his translation of which has recently been published.

Week 7: Tuesday 21 November, MacGregor room, Oriel College, 8 p.m.

Peter Unwin: Where East met West: A Central-European Journey

The former British ambassador to Hungary and author introduces his latest book (to be published in October) on history, politics, and travel in central and eastern Europe.

Week 8: Saturday 2 December (venue and time to be announced)

Mikulas Party

We hope to have our traditional bring-and-share end-of-term event, but are looking for a venue and someone to organize it.

For more information contact Kati Evans at or call 01865 73 69 73.